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Fixed Gear Fever

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Jené Shaw has a nice article in the January edition of Triathlete Magazine. She discusses the benefits of a fixed gear bike. Ms. Shaw even scraped the bottom of the barrel and quoted me a couple of times in the article. If nothing else, it's worth checking out just for the cool drawing of the half hipster/half tri-geek, complete with aero helmet, rolled up pants cuffs and u-lock. Apparently the headshot I sent didn't arrive in time.


Mr. Face For Radio Comes to a TV Near You

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Our friend Will Sanchez was kind enough to interview me for his cable access show Gotta Run With Will. We got to talk about Christopher Bergland, NSQ, Shane, Race Across the Window and lots of other fun stuff. You can take a look here, and I'll post updates when it's going to air.

Last Friday 5k Race Report

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Congratulations to Alisa Stern for a strong effort at the Serpentine Running Club's Last Friday 5k on 12/24. Ms. Stern ran 20:17, which was good for 5th place among the women. Way to represent in England, Alisa.

And for the record, I realize that 12/24 was not the last Friday of the year. Serpintine named the race. And speaking of serpentine, in lieu of a race video (which I don't have) I give you the following.