Adele Laboz

Adele LabozAdele Laboz

Adele Laboz (403 in the picture to the left) started training with us in 2009. In addition to her racing, Adele is a constant supporter of charitable races, and was featured prominently on Regis & Kelly as she celebrated her birthday with 25 friends at this year’s High Heel-a-Thon.

Full Name: Adele Simha Laboz

Age: 31

Born: NYC. Raised in NJ. Moved to Brooklyn at age 17.

Family: Husband – Joseph Jody Laboz. Children – Jack, Betty, Audrey, Fortune

Weapons of Choice: Sneakers Brooks Adrenaline. Legal drug – Gu with 2x caffeine. Feet and legs.

Proudest Racing Accomplishments:

  1. NYC Marathon 2010, 3:39:14
  2. NYC Half Marathon 2012, 1:37:29
  3. Sub-28:00 4-miler