Brian Sica

Brian SicaBrian Sica

2014 will be Cousin Brian’s first full season with City Coach after being connected to the team through Terry Moore, Bridget McMahon, and Emily Kindlon. After some impressive results in 2013, he looks forward to pushing the best age groupers and elites in the Northeast for spots on the podium.


Weapons of Choice: TYR Goggles, Adidas Adios’, Klean Endurance Tablets, Specialized Transition, and sweat pants.

Racing Highlights: 2nd Place AG: 2013 Tri Rock Philly Olympic. 1st Place AG: Jarden Westchester Triathlon.

Family: Brother Patrick, Sister Katie, T.J. and Batman. Also, Cousin Bridget.

Hometown: Bronxville, New York

Occupation: Salesman