Cipriana Cuevas

Cipriana CuevasCipriana Cuevas

We met Cipriana during 2011’s Run for the Rabbit campaign. She was new to running, and happy to survive her first marathon. Since her 4:50 at the Hamptons Marathon, Cip’s goals have changed from finishing to finishing fast. She’s a regular at our Monday swim workouts, Tuesday track workouts and Thursday road workouts, and shows no sign of slowing down.

  • Weapons of choice: running skirts, Brooks Pure Connects, sparkly headbands, 5 hour power
  • Best races: 1. Bay Area 5k Turkey Trot: first place in AG! Note to self: always race in south Texas. 2. Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon- surprise BQ and maybe a sign of more to come?
  • PR’s: 20:26 3-mi, 43:27 10k, 1:39:04 half marathon, 3:33:56 marathon
  • Family: My wonderful parents Ramona and Federico, marvelous little brother Luis, and older brother (and inspiration) Federico, who passed away in 2006
  • Born: Santiago, Dominican Republic
  • Raised: League City, Texas
  • Anything else?: Found out first hand that being lighter results in much faster times, and that three marathons in 9 months is a pretty effective way to get the weight down.