Emily Kindlon

Emily KindlonEmily Kindlon

Emily “Killer” Kindlon began with us back in 2005. Ms. Kindlon is pictured here (with her glory-hog coach) after her gravity-defying performance at the 2009 Empire State Building Run Up.

Age: 30
Hometown: Albany, NY
Profession: Computer Nerd
Children: Milton (Boston Terrier – Pit Bull), Newman (Boston Terrier – Pit Bull), Amelia (French Bull Dog – Pit Bull), Ginger (Cat – Pit Bull)
Secret: The No Sleep ’til Brooklyn Prospect Park (not affiliated with CityCoach at all) Century Ride is one of my favorite things – despite not being a big fan of riding my bike.
Weapons of Choice:  Asics, Mini QR Caliente, Carbo-Pro, Ensure, Black Nailpolish, NoReach Hydration System, Sense of Humor, Gravity
Memorable Races:
  1. Lake Placid IM 2008.  140.6 miles of swimming.  I still have water stuck in my bike from that race.
  2. Delaware Diamondman.  Somehow I managed to hit a stationary, orange, traffic barrel and wreck the bike.  So a DNF and gravel still under my skin three years later.
  3. Nike Run the Rock 2007.  First woman to finish and an offer to appear in a Kanye West video (not related except it happened 5 minutes later).
  4. Mooseman 2008.  Placed 2nd in my AG.  Sang to Leanne on bike for 3/4 of the course.  Too much fun to be a race.
  5. [if her coach has ever finished top-5 in the Empire State Building Run Up, he’d have mentioned it here, but Ms. Kindlon did not.]
PRs: I don’t pay attention to these numbers.  Once I break a 3:00 marathon, I’ll start paying attention.