Kevin Starkes

Kevin StarkesKevin Starkes

“Kevin Starkes ran two marathons faster than Katie Holmes ran one” -Bridget McKenna after Kevin followed his 2:38:24 in the Hamptons Marathon with a 2:43:51 one week later.

We met Kevin back in 2007 when he began as a pacer for Nike. He began racing for us the following year, and still holds the City Coach marathon record. He’s made more comebacks than Rocky, but this time it’s for real and we have put the 2012 season on notice. 

Name: Kevin ‘Sunshine’ Starkes

Weapon of Choice: I do not believe in violence but I run in NIKE

Occupation: Part-time Producer / Full-Time Day Dreamer

PR’s: N/A cause I don’t run for glory. I run for the stories [For this of us who do pay attention to numbers, Kevin has run 15:59.99 for 5k, 1:13:39 for the Half Marathon and 2:38:24 for the Marathon.]

Top Races: Mr. Starkes won the 2012 Hamptons Marathon, and won the 2008 Hamptons Half Marathon by a mile.  Literally.